Brit-Cit is the name given to two unrelated cities in 2000AD.


Sam Slade caught the twelve o'clock zoom tube to Brit-Cit (Robo-Hunter)[1].

Judge DreddEdit

During the Luna-City One Mega Olympics the Brit Territories were mentioned as a competitor.

Years later competitors in the annual Black Attlantic Swim left from Brit-Cit (Judge Dredd)'s West Sector.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Sam Slade was depicted moving to Brit-Cit in 2000AD in Prog 174 (August 1980)[2].

In the Judge Dredd universe, Brit-Cit was first mentioned in the Judge Dredd (Daily Star) strip Annual Swim (strip 27) in 1982 before it was mentioned in the 2000AD strip.

2000 AD and Brit-Cit copyright Rebellion Developments Ltd A/S 2016


  1. Robo-Hunter: Day of the Droids, 2000AD Prog 174

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