Jupiter was a giant planet in the solar system, notable for it's red spot.

Dan DareEdit

It had a temperature of 2,000 degrees centigrade and an atmosphere pressure five hundred thousand times that of Earth. Jovian radio storms were eight thousand miles across (as large as Earth itself) and had the destructive power of a billion Earth thunderstorms[1].

The surface consisted of islands of crystal titanium on seas of boiling metal. The atmosphere consisted of hydrohelium[2].

Commander Dan Dare was at the controls of the Sirius when it lost power near Jupiter in 2177[3]. Investigating from the Odyssey he discovered that the Biogs had established a base there[4].

Judge DreddEdit

Titan was a moon of Jupiter[5].

The Thing From Nowhere!Edit

Jupiter was considered a glamour run by Space Technicians[6].


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