The Lawmaster was the standard issue motorcycle for Judges. They were computer-controlled and could operate independently of their riders. The on-board computer could access information from Justice Central, including video pictures, voice prints and other identifying features of perps, which were then viewed on the computer screen.


The Lawmaster was used at least as early as the year 2080[1] and was still in use in 2137[2].

By 2089 it was equipped with bike cannons[3].

By 2099 the bike was equipped with a street-scanner[4].

It was equipped with a Synitron GK 13 audio computer, an infra-red beam and Cyclops TX laser cannon[5]. The computer was able to impart information to Judges and to return to Justice HQ for reassignment alone[6].

The infra-red beam could pick up recent footprints, allowing Judges to track perps[6].

By 2137, due to Chaos Day shortages, ten per cent of Lawmasters were equipped with rubber bullets as Riot Foam and H-wagons were not so readily available[2]

The Lawmaster's on-board computer could be used to track suspects[7]. It could also raise objections if it calculated that its rider was making an unwise decision[7].

2000 AD and Lawmaster copyright Rebellion Developments Ltd A/S 2018

Behind the ScenesEdit

Though first appearing in 2000AD Prog 1, it was not given the name Lawmaster until Prog 3.


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