Mega-City One was a giant metropolis of the late 21st and 22nd century.


  • 2050 - Artie Gruber recreated as a cyborg in a Mega-City One hospital laboratory. The rest of the former USA was the States[1].
Mega-City One

One of the earliest views of Mega-City One, art by Carlos Ezquerra

  • 2099 - stretched from Montreal in the North to Georgia in the South and had a population of 100 million. The rest of the former USA was now the United States of the West[2]. The city had an air purification system[3].
  • 2107 - population of Mega-City One was 400 million and there were 59,000 Judges on active duty[4].
  • 2200 - mutants, exiled from the city, fired a Saturn V rocket at the Asteroid Belt, knocking a cluster of asteroids towards Mega-City One[5].

Behind the ScenesEdit

Prior to the launch of 2000AD in 1977, Pat Mills commissioned Carlos Ezquerra to provide concept drawings and artwork for Judge Dredd (series), a planned story about a New York cop in the 1990s (then the near future). In the background of the character sketches, Mills spotted some futuristic buildings which would not have fitted that concept. Following Ezquerra's lead and inspired by Doug Church, who had read about the concept of vast Mega-Cities in Life Magazine, Mills pushed the strip a century into the future, forming the basis for Mega-City One[6]. Appearing in Prog 2, it was not named until the following week in Prog 3. In The Cursed Earth (story), Mills developed both the history of Mega-City One and its Westwards surroundings. In further years John Wagner would developed further landmarks. Over time the city changed from being a generic future city as had appeared in fiction since the 1950s to a dystopian satire on modern mass-unemployment and state control[7].</span>


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